Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I know ther are no followers here, but I thought I'd make the effort and start.
I was wondering around the great web and stumbled upon a blog from a Canadian pagan. They decided to address how single minded American Pagans are when they talk of how few are politically or environmentally involved. Apparently this isn't the case in Canada. Well, this also isn't the case case across the States either, but I might get to that later. What never seemed to occur to this individual was that the American pagans saying these things were often addressing other American pagans. The blog also goes on to consider that American pagans creating a list of most influential pagan whatever draw upon other American pagans...well, I'm sure that this isn't uncommon in other countries either. Being in the UK, I haven't found many pagans influenced by anyone but British pagans. Granted, they may have the corner on the revival and all, but there is a definitive exclusion of other pagan influence, except perhaps if a non-Celtic shamanistic path is pursued.
I don't want to entirely slate this person though as the responses to some comments seemed fair, but I doubt that they would appreciate a complete generalisation of all Canadians. We get it a lot being American.
I often get asked if I'm Canadian......because they didn't want to offend me if I was. Well, as long as it's alright to still insult Americans then, is my response. :-P

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